Salem Witch Trials: Topic Suggestions for Your Research Paper

Salem witch trials involved the prosecution of people thought to be involved in witchcraft. It’s a wicked event full of sorrowful memories that happened in colonial Massachusetts between 1692 February 1693 May. Out of the 200 people accused of witchcraft, only thirty were guilty, 19 of whom were killed by hanging. Out of the 19, only five were men.

As a fundamental part of history, the Salem witchcraft is widely covered in the modern college syllabus. There is a lot to be explored concerning the Salem witch trials, alongside many topics to be covered. Here are some themes to use when writing your Salem Witch trials.

  1. Witchcraft in German and France in the 14th and 15th century: The impact of Salem witchcraft trials in the two countries
  2. Analysis of the women witches in German in the 15th and 16th centuries
  3. What role did night witches play in World War II?
  4. The role of Salem witch trials and McCarthyism
  5. How were witch trials in Italy in the 17th and 14th centuries?
  6. The gender roles in the Salem witch trials
  7. The role of Puritan’s social and religious culture in Salem witch trials proceedings?
  8. The social and religious triggers of the Salem witch trials and the negative impacts
  9. What the Salem witch trials were all about, and how did they affect society?
  10. Marilynne Roach’s The Salem Witch Trials: Literary analysis
  11. Do the events of the Crucible movie reflect the events of the 1693 Salem witch trials?
  12. Ann Putnum’s unique view of the Salem witch trials
  13. The picture created by the Salem witch trials about power and gender in the United States during the 17th
  14. Clear historical and recent examples depicting the negative effects of the Salem witch trials in human history
  15. Effects of the Salem witch trials on the American literature
  16. The social injustices and problems involved in the Salem witch trials and executions
  17. The core reasons people were persecuted during the Salem witch trials
  18. How people avoided being executed or tried for witchcraft in the era of the Salem witch trials
  19. How the Salem witch trials related to modern gay marriage?
  20. According to the book The Crucible, was the Salem witch trials the most awful period in human history?
  21. Historical evidence of the existence of the Salem witch trials
  22. The role historical Salem witch trials and McCarthyism played in writing the book ‘The Crucible.’
  23. The main events leading to the occurrence of the Salem witch trials
  24. The core political and social factors leading to the Salem witch trials
  25. What were the legal difficulties faced by New England, US juries in the Salem witch trials, and prosecutions?
  26. Why witch trials and prosecutions aren’t legal today?
  27. The leading causes of witch trails in the United States
  28. The viewpoint of Carol Karlsen about the Salem witch trials
  29. The opinion of Laurie Winn Carlson about the Salem witch trials
  30. Understanding compromise and conflict as depicted in the United States Salem Witch trials


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