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Creating An Excellent Compare And Contrast Essay On Texting Vs Calling

Essays are short piece of a document about any topic. There are different types of essays and compare and contrast is one among these types. This type of writing is used to write the similarities and dissimilarities of the topic.

Writing compare and contrast essays

Writing this kind is not at all difficult to write as we compare and contrast things, every day. In this type of writing, the writer has to take two different objects, persons, places or events and compare them in their paragraphs. If you have basic skills in writing, you easily write this type of essays.

Texting vs calling

Who is the person I want to impress? What is the purpose of this essay? These are the questions that arise in the minds of a writer, when he thinks when he decides to write writing in this format. Once you address these questions, take some time to brainstorm the ideas you have. Texting and calling is one such excellent topic which gives you the chance to compare and contrast. There are plenty of points a writer would appreciate in this topic.

Format of compare and contrast essay

There is a basic format this kind of essays should follow. There should be an introduction, at least 3 body paragraphs, and then the conclusion paragraph. All the paragraphs are equally important to the quality of your writing.

  • The introductory paragraph is used to catch the attention of the readers. This paragraph should be able to interest the readers to read the following paragraphs. If you didn’t have a good opening, the impression of the reader will be bad which may affect the rest paragraphs too.
  • Once you start with the body paragraphs, you have to decide on how to portray the information. One paragraph can be used to describe the similarity and difference of texting and calling.
  • With respect the number of differences and similarities, you can extend the body of the writing to five or six paragraphs.
  • Another way is to write all similarities in one paragraph and all differences in another paragraph. The comparison can be done using a third paragraph.
  • In the conclusion paragraph you should restate your statement. Do not just copy the sentence you used in the opening paragraph. Instead, you rewrite those words in different way in the conclusion paragraph. Always remember not to add any new information in the final paragraph.

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