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5 Helpful Hints On How To Write A Winning Research Paper Topic Sentence

It doesn’t truly matter what the subject is of your research paper, you have to get someone to read it. The topic sentence of your composition does a little bit more than suggest what the text is going to be about. Think of it as an advertising banner for the entire paper. If you write a good opening line, you will generate almost immediate interest on behalf of the reader. There are a number of ways that you can write the opening for the best effect.

  1. Don’t Make It Too Long. Short and sweet is the guiding principle, but be sure that it packs a punch to get the reader’s attention.
  2. Present A Strong Argument or Idea. Again, you are trying to generate an interest. It is possible you may provoke your audience, but that is all right. Sometimes a research paper has to generate passion.
  3. You Can Add A Little of the Title in Your Opening Words. The topic sentence can reflect the subject of the entire work. While that opening line should not be just repetition of the title, you can include all or part of the heading within that initial sentence.
  4. Hint Of What Is to Come. The opening words, if well-constructed are going to gently persuade the reader to keep moving down the paragraphs.
  5. Make Certain There Are No Misspellings or Grammatical Mistakes. Misspellings or typos in particular can destroy the interest in the rest of the research paper. Do not let that happen. The topic sentence must be clear and without error.

You really do have just one chance to make a first good impression. Take advantage of it with the right use of words. This does not have to come off like an advertising jingle, but it has to get attention. There are some people who think that an essay should begin with very stiff and formal language. The intent is to show how academic you are and what a scholar you happen to be. The exact opposite happens. Stuffy and pompous words in the opening make you look like a crashing bore. It would come as no surprise people just ignore it.

It is a bit of a challenge to write a good topic sentence, but it is important for the integrity of the entire thesis. You may just jot something down in the beginning there is no problem. Be certain that you revise that initial attempt. A good opening can lead to a very good initial impression of the work. You are halfway home to a good grade if it happens.

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