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Main characteristics of successful essay topics

The topic is probably the part of the essay that creates the most dilemmas. Unless you are pre assigned the topic, it is a headache to conjure up a topic. The topic is the starting point of your essay; your whole essay depends on it. And so does your grade. It is always difficult to decide what topic would please your professors or teachers. Each discipline is so varied that there is a lot of stuff to choose from. The more the material the more is the confusion. There is also the concern that your topic might be a fail, thus spoiling all the hard work you had put in your college essay papers.

Because everyone is confused about what would make a title successful, we are defining some essential parameters below.


No matter what discipline you have taken, you are bound to be dealing with a lot of material. Novices try to find a title that will encompass the whole of the discipline within it. This is a strict no, no. Never choose a general vague title that is trying to capture the whole essence of the subject. Many people choose topics like, the world of art, which is as vague as a topic can get. Your topic has to be specific; it should have one issue at its center. It helps you write an organized and coherent essay. Unless your title is specific your research can’t be in a specific direction and ultimately your essay will fall apart.

Matters of interest

One of the basic criteria of a successful topic is that it should be something that people are interested in. Try to think of a title that has something to do with the contemporary world. Now you might ask me, how could that be done with subjects like history and English? It’s really simple. You just have to think a little hard. For English you can take up topics like, colloquialism and their absorption into refined speech or the usage of curse words, etc. So, a successful topic must be a topic of current interest.


Many people tend to choose a long drawn, unending essay topic. Don’t do that, it will bore you and your readers. It will complicate reaction to the title and essay in general. Try to keep a title that is brief yet explain properly the essence of what you are dealing with.
Try not to copy blatantly from essays that have been written before, it makes things boring. Write about something that will educate others.

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